Herbal pouch - big or small

HERBAL POUCH - big or small

Let the evening after a tiresome and stressful day brings a little grace and loveliness into your soul. Your body will be grateful for relaxation with natural fragrance of healing herbs.

Balm mint, lavender and wild thyme as pillow fills, have a smoothing and calming effect on your body.

The herbs are manually gathered with care and naturally dried.

The ball is a handicraft and is awarded DUO Certificate SLO Handicraft: 7120-05/11

The herbal pouch is:

  • Filled with balm mint, lavender and wild thyme which have a beneficial and tranquilizing effect on your body.
  • Suitable for fighting moths.


The pillow is filled with manually gathered and naturally dried home-cultivated herbs, that have been produced with great care, faith, good will, and respect for Mother Nature, to enable you to relax with a pleasant aroma of nature.


  • Pouch: 100 % natural cotton (inlet) – very densely woven fabric.
  • Filler: 1/3 balm mint, 1/3 lavender, 1/3 wild thyme.


Be cautious with using the pouch by your children, there can be some traces of plants causing allergic reactions.

Variacija #1:

A big pillow


8 euro

Variacija #2:

A small pillow


4 euro

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