Pillow for wrist support


In the times of our great grandmothers particular health symptoms were relieved by applying natural methods. Allow yourself to feel the same. Pillows will offer you mild and dry warmth, with natural materials that are pleasant for your body.

They act as a warm compress. They are filled with OAT GRAINS or HAY FINES. They are intended to warm all affected parts of the body.

The products are handicraft and are awarded DUO Certificate SLO Handicraft 7062-03/11 – OAT fill  and 7093-04/11 – HAY FINES fill

Natural materials and oat grains provide your wrists with new energy and make it easier for you to continue your work.

The pillow can be used as support and as a rest pad for your wrist.

  • Its ergonomic shape for wrist support minimizes pain and discomfort,
  • It provides support for affected points and eases tension in the wrist,
  • It enables natural healthy movement which relieves pressure on median nerve,
  • It enables gentle wrist massage.


The hand-made pillow is filled with oat grains that have been produced with great care, faith, good will, and respect for Mother Nature, to relieve your wrist problems in as natural way as possible.


  • Pillow: 90 % cotton 10 % elastin.
  • Fill: 100 % home-produced oat grains.


6 euro

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