Cylinder 12 x 50 cm


Start every new day relaxed and energized. Home-produced oat or spelt scales filled pillows are created for your peaceful and good sleep. Spelt scales contain silicic acid crystals which have benefical effects on the skin, similar to clay. The content is free-flowing and can be anatomically adjusted to suit every individual. The scales offer gentle massage and pain relief. 

The materials are natural and pleasant for your body. 

Pillows and cushions are handicraft and are awarded DUO Certificate SLO Handicraft: 7062-03/11 – OAT SCALES fill and 7699-03/13 – SPELT SCALES fill

It is a multi-purpose cylindrical pillow. The pillow is anatomically adjustable, offering support where you most need it.

It is intended for resting, sleeping, as head or leg support, for backing infants, or as a support for toddlers at their first attempts to sit. Mothers can benefit from the pillow when breast feeding.


  • A multi-purpose cylinder for supporting legs, knees, and hips,
  • Shoulder support,
  • Support for other body parts,
  • Support when sleeping on one side, on your hip,
  • Backing infants,
  • Support when breast feeding,
  • Natural fill material maintains your body temperature,
  • Zip fastening enables the content to be removed, and the pillow to be washed.


The cylinder is filled with spelt scales that have been produced with great care, faith, good will, and respect for Mother Nature, to enable pleasant and thorough relaxation in a natural way, and a perfect support for your body.



  • Pillow: 100 % natural cotton (inlet) – very densely woven fabric.
  • Fill: 100 % home-produced spelt scales.


20 eur

Kmetija Hudobnik is located in Breznica by Prevalje, in the direction toward Strojna. It overlooks two Koroška pearls: Peca and Uršlja gora.

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