You will find us on a mountain farm with a beautiful view of Uršlja gora and Peca. Those are two Koroška pearls between which the farmers have always diligently managed their hill farms. Planted oat, rye and spelt have grown into the best cultivated grains in our fields due to favorable climate conditions. The almost untouched nature provides plenty of medicinal herbs which enhance our meadows and forest peripheries.

From idea to product

Upon the loss of my job, and during care for my son who was frequently ill, the idea was triggered – the first pillow filled with oat was created, which I warmed and put on my son’s chest.

It used to ease his colds and sore throat. This is how my first product was created.

With willingness, faith and desire to present that forgotten home-made product which used to relieve numerous health problems, I introduced the public to my pillow and vision of natural products. Today new products are being created, with a common purpose – to help in everyday difficulties of the world with the nostalgia for the products of our grandmothers.

The value of the products has been increased by the Art & Craft Certificate awarded by the Committee for Evaluation of Craft & Art at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia.

Hanging craft (pictures) which accompany my products are created by my friend: bouquet of oats, bouquet of herbs and haystack with Uršlja gora in the background. Descriptions: OAT, HERBS and HAY are writings of my poetic soul.


The products are filled and created with home-made fills and herbs


I create pillows of various sizes for different purposes, as well as various products made from home-grown herbs.

The former are used as a warm compress (a pillow is warmed on the radiator, in an oven, or microwave). They are filled with oat grains and hay fines. Dry warmth pleasantly eases several difficulties, such as pain and discomfort in the chest, lower back, shoulders, neck spine, stomach, ears, or during the periods of influenza, respiratory diseases, and urinary tract infections.

The latter are intended for pleasant sleep or rest. The pillows are filled with spelt or oat scales. Scales are very free-flowing and enable the pillow to be adjusted to an individual's head. They are made of 100 % natural cotton (inlet).

The same type of fill is used to stuff the so called neck pillows, nursing pillows, backing pillows, cylinders etc.

Smaller pillows that are filled with herbs whose essential oils have a calming effect are intended for soul and body relaxation.

I also offer hand-made natural soap bars produced by cold processing, hand gathered and naturally dried herbs for herbal teas and herb salt as a food seasoning for almost every meal. There are various ointments produced from macerates of home-grown herbs in high quality natural vegetable oils and butter together with additions of herbs and essential oils (calendula, spruce, hemp, honey balm etc) and tinctures.

Kmetija Hudobnik is located in Breznica by Prevalje, in the direction toward Strojna. It overlooks two Koroška pearls: Peca and Uršlja gora.

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